Concept #1

You Invest. We Do the Rest!

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Concept Details:

Category: Pet Services
Business Type: Franchise
Founded: 2002
Franchised: 2003
Franchises Awarded: 190
Operating Locations: 170
Locations Coming Soon: 40
Single Unit Investment $88,567-$103,667
(includes Franchise Fee & Working Capital)

Also available as Owner-Operator and Semi-Absentee Operating Models

Financial Requirements
Net Worth: $250,000
Liquid: $100,000
SBA Approved: Yes

Welcome to America’s Largest and Most Trusted Pet Services Concept

Three Operating Models (Startup costs are the same for all models)

  • Owner Operator - You run your business.
  • Semi-Absentee - You manage the manager.
  • Absentee/Investor - We run your business.

If you choose the Absentee Investor Model, you may open your business in your hometown (if available) or in any community across the country that appeals to you (If available).

The following information is based on the Companies Earning Claims noted in their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) filed with the Federal Trade Commission in 2022 based on 2021 results.

Earnings Claim:

Franchise Disclosure Document shows revenues of over $725,000

Information subject to change without Notice